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Station No. 6 Targu Lapus, str. Rebreanu, no. 104


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Road transport

County Sustainable Development Plan of Maramures County 2007 - 2013 provides four road corridors strategic town of Targu Lapus part two. Strategic road corridors that line lies the town are:

- Corridor II: Viseu de Sus (Vaser) - Viseu de Jos - Bogdan Voda - Sieu - Botiza - Băiuţ - Targu Lapus - Vima Mica - Boiu Mare - Birch - Şomcuta - Mireşu Mare - Ulmeni - Ariniş.

On this corridor, the road Botiza - Băiuţ - Targu Lapus, which connects the Lapus and Maramures, runs through a mountainous area forested, the sensitivity, thereby having an important tourism potential, but clothing asphalt thereof is at the level of 2013 in relatively poor condition, and even missing entirely in some parts, so it is hardly practicable, and therefore avoided by tourists and locals.

- Corridor III: Sighet - Săpânţa - Giulesti - Mara - Sources - Black Valley - Firiza - Baia Mare - Copalnic Mănăştur - Targu Lapus - Coroieni - Salaj limit.

This road is the main access artery to Targu Lapus, connecting urban centers with both polarizing senior: Baia Mare and Cluj Napoca. The road cuts through a picturesque hillside covered, especially with orchards and forests that constitute the basic sources of existence villagers in the area. Regarding her condition, in the year 2013 it is medium to good condition in recent years performed the repairs thereof different.

The town also falls in subculoarul VIII: Targu Lapus - Suciu de Sus - Botiza, subculoar created to facilitate traffic and to shorten the relationship road between economic centers and the most important tourist area, however, this is relatively poor places and is avoided by tourists and locals.

Maramures County is situated eccentrically towards the route of motorways - Corridor IV and IX respectively Transylvania highway, so you do not pass the city Targu Lapus and not provided to build highways.

Instead, in the city Targu Lapus pass three county roads and a highway as follows:

- DJ 109F - which liaises with the city Cavnic (along Valley Lăpuşului until its entry into gorge), crossing villages and Băiuţ Lapus. It binds with the DN 1C (E 58) in the direction Dej and Cluj-Napoca, crossing villages and Poiana Coroieni Blenchii (Salaj). All DJ 109F, out of town Razoare emerges DJ 109G, which connects the country Chioarului DN 1C. Also on DJ 109 F Targu Lapus - Coroieni can be reached in the neighboring county Salaj.

- DJ 182 - which liaises with Baia Mare, while crossing villages and Copalnic Cerneşti Mănăştur, joining with DN 1C in the direction Dej, crossing the village Chiuieşti (Cluj). It is the unique relationship between the county capital transport and city Baia Mare Targu Lapus.

- DJ 171 - car liaises with DN 17 to DN 15A Dej towards Bistrita and Reghin. It passes through the villages of Upper and Spermezeu Suciu (Bistrita - Nasaud).

- DN 18B - Şomcuta - Copalnic Mănăştur - which link the city with Lapus Şomcuta the processing area, a very picturesque area.

Among the roads that Common DC 36, DC 37 and DC 53 to Cupseni town.

Being one of the nodes important road in the county, Targu Lapus appear, therefore, that strategic point in terms of cargo and passengers, it carried on mainly on county roads in the directions: Copalnic Mănăştur - Baia Mare (DJ 182), Lapus - Băiuţ (DJ 109F) Suciu de Sus - Spermezeu - DN 17 (DJ 171) or Suciu de Sus - Botiza (171 DJ - DJ 171A) and Coroieni - DN 1C (DJ 109F).

The most important roads for the traffic generated are: DC 36, DC 37 and DC 53 which connects with the city of Targu Lapus Cupseni commune and county roads. The total length of county roads and communal roads linking the city of Targu Lapus localities, and between them and neighboring villages, is about 71 kilometers.

In the city of Targu Lapus freight transit arteries are affected by streets: Youth, Heroes Square, Liviu Rebreanu Market, Ţibleşului and Mill Street. Also, freight traffic between Baia Mare and Dej (via Targu Lapus) is characterized as heavy traffic due to high volumes and specific goods transported wood, ores, stone quarries in the area, goods for population etc.

Single road on which the traffic capacity is exceeded is on the county road DJ 171, between the villages Rogoz and Suciu de Sus. Significant traffic, but without exceeding the capacity of movement, still registers and county roads DJ 182 (for Baia Mare) and DJ 109F (between Targu Lapus and sedge).

Among the localities that could generate extra traffic, especially related to tourism activities, we mention: Rohia (Rohia monastery), Stoiceni (mineral water, folk festival, Monastery Satra) and the pit (Lapus Keys).

The main failures regarding transport network are caused by geographical location and relief conditionalities Targu Lapus city and surrounding areas. Placing its linkages city territory on a limited number of ways:

- Direction east - west along the valley Lapus,
- South over the saddle atop Măgoaja Coroieni and over,
- North (towards Baia Mare) over hills Bloajei.
- Localities of the city in general over the gentle valleys that fragment peaks that enclose Lapus Depression.
Given these elements invariable site, local road network was formed over time as a tissue radial due to the terrain, and links to some areas of the county (the wood - the left bank of Somes Maramures, Iza Valley Valley dreams and Borsa) are difficult, in general, the detour route.

Also, due to the nature of Targu Lapus, 13 villages belonging, spaced between 2 and 12 kilometers from the city, the most important issues in terms of texture major movement appear to roads of penetration and linking localities . In addition, the villages that are not on the main roads national roads or county or DN 18 B and DJ 109 F (pit Fantanele Cufoaia Borce, INĂU, Dumbrava, Stoiceni, Dobricu Lapus), some of the roads are land or semi - paved, generally without sidewalks and gutters.

The main problem in terms of road network of village residence, Targu Lapus, is given by a street network tentacle separated into two areas Lapus River. The link between the two areas is done using two bridges, one of which was completed in 2013, while the bridge in the center dates back to 1960 and does not meet the class E load suited to special vehicles of 80 tonnes.

Between 2008 - 2012, City Hall and City Council Targu Lapus have developed a number of projects to modernize the transport infrastructure have resulted in improved road network on the territory of the city. Among the most important note:

- Rehabilitation of local roads in length of 21.25 km in settlements: Rohia, Boiereni, Cufoaia, Damacuseni, Rogoz, Dumbrava, Stoiceni, Dobric and Fantanele, according to GD 577/1997 and financed from the local budget, with a total value of 5,104,685 lei;

- Restoration of forest roads Borcut - INĂU (3.9 km), Răzoare - Garbage (3.9 km) and Targu Lapus - Lighet (2.1 km), financed from the local budget and SAPARD funds, with a total value of 3.380. 199 lei;

- Paving, direct labor, some streets in Targu Lapus and some streets in the surrounding villages;

- Construction of two road bridges in rural Răzoare 3.5 tonnes and Rogoz, with funding from the local government with support from the residents of the two villages.

Also currently underway is a series of projects to modernize the road infrastructure aimed at solving the problems identified at this level, among which:

- Upgrading urban public infrastructure (simultaneous ring road and the bridge over the river Lapus) Regional Operational Programme - Priority Axis 1 - Supporting the sustainable development of cities, with a total value of 18,898,031.64 lei own contribution of local authorities 2.

- Upgrading of the 40 streets and some precincts in the city of Targu Lapus blocks, part of a multiannual investment made in 2 stages and with a total value of 8,937,508 lei, after completion of which will be upgraded virtually all the streets across town. The streets included in the second stage is 3.11 km span as follows:

Nr. crt. Street Length
1 490 m Maramures
2 Anton 230 m
3 Ion Creangă 160 m
4 1907 150 m
Carpathian 5 130 m
6 Mioriţei 130 m
Lilac 7 380 m
Nicolae Grigorescu 8 230 m
9 Sadoveanu 160 m
Channel 10 330 m
Ghiocelului 11 200 m
12 Mărăşeşti 150 m
Oituz 13 190 m
14 Ana Ipătescu 180 m

Source: Targu Lapus Town Hall

- Modernization of 7 km of roads, as follows: DC 35 Borcut - INĂU - 2 km, DC 40 Cufoaia - 1 km, DC 36 Dumbrava - Ciocotiş - 4 km