Price of fuel and gas stations


Station No. 6 Targu Lapus, str. Rebreanu, no. 104


Store Da
Laundry Nu
Tyre pressure (air) Nu
Vacuum cleaner Nu
Coffee/Drinks Nu

Useful information


Green spaces built only found in built-up urban area - the town of Targu Lapus and occupies an area of ​​just one hectare, which is 0.84 of the total plot area.

Consequently, the area of ​​green areas per inhabitant of the urban area is only 1.95 square meters, a very low value reflects the urgent need for setting up new areas for this purpose. In this regard, currently a project is underway to achieve a central park in the city of Targu Lapus, with a total value of 1,209,237 lei, financed by the Agency for the Environment Fund.

A better situation is presented for entertainment areas, totaling 8.85 hectares. It follows an area of ​​17.3 sq m / capita compared to the urban population, but only 7.8 square meters / inhabitant compared to the entire population of the territorial administrative unit, impundu the widening of recreational areas. Among current recreational areas mentioned is Lighet lake, a beautiful natural area showing satisfactory arrangements Leisure (gazebo, dock, etc.).