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Station No. 6 Targu Lapus, str. Rebreanu, no. 104


Store Da
Laundry Nu
Tyre pressure (air) Nu
Vacuum cleaner Nu
Coffee/Drinks Nu

Useful information

Useful informations

The population of the town of Targu Lapus, together with 13 villages is 13.220 inhabitants, of which 13.114 inhabitants domiciled.

The cultural heritage of the local community is rich, local traditions are still very strong. Another factor is the diversity of the cultural wealth of cultural and religious terms.

Ethnic structure

Since the first Fair Lapus censuses conducted on the territory, we can see the multicultural character of the population resident here. So, according to the 1930 census, 2,378 people have Targu Lapus, including 927 Hungarians, 678 Romanian, Hebrew 689, 66 Gypsies, six Germans, four Polish and two Armenians. Of the total Romanian population are 84.2, 14.7 Hungarian, 1 Roma and other nationalities 0.1. Hungarian population is concentrated in five locations: Targu Lapus, Damacuseni, Băiuţ, Strâmbu-Băiuţ thick, the majority in Damacuseni, Băiuţ and Strâmbu-Băiuţ.

Currently, the total population is 84.2 Romanian town (11,042 inhabitants), 4.7 Hungarians (1,928 inhabitants), 1 Roma (131 inhabitants) and other nationalities 0.1 (13 inhabitants). It is noted that the Hungarian population is largely located in the village Damacuseni, it has a total of 914 ethnic magniara inhabitants, representing 94 of the village population.

Religious Affiliation

Under the confessional aspect, the population is divided as follows: 90 are Orthodox, Greek Catholic 6, 3 and 1 Pentecostals represent other religions. Churches in the community involved in human affairs in general, providing a somewhat social. Noteworthy is the fact that there are interreligious conflicts in the localities.

Total population: 13.114 inhabitants
Men population: 6515
Women population: 6599 of which:
Children: 3,665
People who left to work abroad: